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My name is Pete and I am the owner of Experiments in Finance as of 2011. This blog was once half about personal finance and half about Excel tutorials. It seems that most people here are more interested in Excel than personal finance so I’ve decided to switch it completely to the usage of Excel.


How Excel Earned me a Promotion


I first started my career working for a bank in the financial industry. I was 23 and eager to work and get a promotion as soon as possible. I rapidly noticed my boss was having a problem with keeping up with his department stats.


We were a team of 7 employees logging our sales in separate excel spreadsheets. Since he used to receive his stats every quarter from the “stats department from the bank” , he wanted to get a closer look at his daily business. This is why, once a week, he had to ask for them by email and compile the results manually. It was time consuming and not very accurate.


After discussing this problem with one of my friend, he showed me how to use Excel to automatically compile the data, make graphs and trends out of it. After a few hours of computing, I’ve had generated a powerful stats tracking system for my boss.


No more emails sent to employees – He could get stats at any time in the day without asking anybody!

No more hours spent compiling stats manually – a Simple click on the macro button and the compilation was made within seconds!

No more data errors – All stats were tracked and packaged by Excel, data became exempt from human errors!


The time I’ve saved my boss with this “simple” Excel spreadsheet had been the key for my first promotion. Everybody on the floor heard about my system and how productive I was as an employee. In addition to my promotion, I earned credibility instantly.


Most People Don’t Know How To Use Excel at Work – Be The Star!


You don’t need to master Excel inside out to be the hero at work; you simply have to know how to use formulas that will help YOU being more productive. Saving time and hassles to your boss is definitely the best way to become indispensable at work and earn the next promotion.


I’m here to show you how to achieve this goal by using the power of Excel.


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