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It pays to shop around for auto insurance

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In general, talking to insurance agents isn’t on top of people’s lists of enjoyable things to do. But, having just moved, I took the opportunity to shop around for car insurance. I’d been with for over seven years and, like many people, had just the renewal put it on autopilot.

But I was very happy to find that I was able to decrease my insurance costs by ~$500/year by switching providers. I was also surprised at the range of quotes. Below are some that I received, just to give you an idea:

Company 6-month quote
Traveler’s $588.00
GEICO $345.70
State Farm $738.00
Progressive $640.90

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The New 2006 BMW 325i: A Review

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I finally got around to buying a second car to supplement my much beloved 15-year-old Honda Accord 5-speed manual. That car is still going strong and reliably and will probably outlast my new purchase: a beautiful . Feast your eyes!

2006 Monaco Blue 325i
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How to get the best price on a new car: use

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It’s very rare that I find a product or service I feel strong enough to advise everyone to try. But, such is the case of , a business owned and run by Mr. James Bragg who’s been doing it for 14 years. I just bought my for $30 over invoice ($30,735). MSRP on the car is $33,420.
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