Need Help With Your Excel Spreadsheet? I Can Help

Over the years, I’ve been posting about hundreds of different things that can be done in excel. It’s incredibly powerful but also very complex. Just think about the human brain and how use only 1% or 2% of our capability. Excel is similar for 99% of users. I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time using it both for work, for fun and also for this blog. I’ve written about functions, macros and a lot more. I even have an ebook that covers tons of material with spreadsheet examples which I highly recommend.

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If You Need Help With Your Spreadsheet Now

I know that for many of you, that is helpful but not enough. Why? You have a deadline, you have no more patience or time left, etc. I get it, believe me. Many of you send me your spreadsheets which I can often help with.

Do You Need A Quick Answer?

The thing is that I unfortunately cannot help every one with their spreadsheets. I wish I could, but it’s physically impossible. If you would like help and it’s not urgent, simply email me here:

A Paid Option

I decided to make another option available for those who need a quick answer and some help. I do have to charge for such a service though as you can hopefully understand. So here is how it works:

Step #1-You send me an email with:

-your current spreadsheet (even if it’s not completed)
-an explanation of your issue
-a phone number if you’d like me to call for more answers.. Email usually works fine but just in case

Step #2-You send me $39

This payment will give you the following:

-an answer within 24 hours, usually less. (I will either give you what you’re looking for or fix your spreadsheet). If the work required is more extensive, I will give you an estimate of how much I’d have to charge you. From experience, 95% of the emails that I get do not require more.
-if I cannot fix the issue or you don’t agree to my estimate, I will be more than happy to send you back your money.

You can pay by clicking here:

No Solution? Nothing To Pay, Guaranteed

I wish I didn’t have to charge money upfront but then I’d have to look at dozens of spreadsheets. At least, this way I’m able to know who is serious about needing help and get on those as quicky as possible.