Our Excel eBook – Learning The Critical Excel Functions And Introduction To Excel Macros

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Automate Your Daily Tasks, Save Time And Money: Become Familiar With Powerful Excel Functions. It’s great to know a few functions but the challenging part of using excel is knowing what’s possible. This ebook will introduce you to a number of functions. Once you know that they exist and how to use them, it will become much easier to optimize spreadsheets that you are building or already using.

Create Your Own Spreadsheets/Functions: You probably already have many things in mind but I can guarantee you that once you start to learn about more functions and macros, you will start to see dozens of more ways to save yourself time, automate tasks and in the end it will mean getting more done in less time both at home and at work!!!

Make Your Time 100% Productive: Wondering how to do an excel function can end up taking a great deal of time as you probably know. This guide is meant to save you time.

Real Life Examples: There are tons of resources to show you how to do a vlookup. However this guide is meant to giive you real life applications that will make it easier to integrate into your own work.

Focus On The Critical Elements: A few functions are likely to be of great help over time, we try to provide a few examples of those in different contexts to make sure that you understand the functions correctly.

1 ebook+1 big spreadsheet: 125 pages: It includes an introduction to tens of functions, a beginners guide to excel macros, tutorials and spreadsheets with the actual examples.

Free Updates: This file took us a lot of time but we will continue to work on updating it and will hopefully be able to do semi-annual updates (no guaranteee but that is what we expect), if you agree to join our ebook mailing list, you will receive free updates of the ebook and/or files. If ever we develop another product we will be sure to let you know as well

A detailed “how to” guide that will take you from step A to Z: This blog and many other resources have all of the information that you need. The tricky part (and what took us weeks to do) is organizing everything in a way that makes it easy to consult, to read, etc.

How much is it? You can download this entire pack and more for $9.95, just click here.

Why You Should Buy Now

Microsoft Excel is in a way like a human brain, as most of us only use a tiny part of it. Why? Mostly because we do not know enough about everything that is possible. This ebook is meant to share with you the summaries of my answers to hundreds of different excel related questions that were asked on this website,

“Your ebook was great. I’ve been looking for ways to improve my excel skills for months and I feel like I am now making significant progress” – Anton

What Is Included In: Taking Your Excel Skills To Another Level

-Introduction to tens of excel functions such as sumif, rank, and, if, nested if conditions, etc
-Find out how to build a simple excel macro, with examples
-Get access to real excel examples with our different spreadsheets that are provided in the ebook package
-You will receive ebook updates as time goes by


Upon buying the ebook, you will receive something that will likely help a great deal:

Priority Support: Although I cannot give any guarantees, I can tell you that we receive many different requests for help with excel related problems. We do our best to help out and have been able to help in most cases (which also helps readers since we can publish the examples on the blog. I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to help on all of your issues. But I will give priority to buyers of this ebook.

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The Guarantee

I personally think that buying and reading this ebook will help you significantly in improving your excel skills and will also be offering you premium support for your excel related questions. However,

    if you feel like the ebook was not useful, I will be more than happy to offer a refund. No questions asked


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