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Excellent idea

Elakkiya Selvan

kindly send excell formula’s for daily basis


I want to learn how use vlookup with eg.


I am green in excel functions and I need something simple to start learning excel functions.

George Chipara

I am pleased

Biram Faye

need to know more functions about excel from 2007 to 2010


I want to know so much more


Thank you.

Glykeria Karadimou


Glykeria Karadimou

i need to learn more about v-hlookup

Depon Das

I wants learn more excel with examples
Can you send me simple samples every day and I can practice them. IF don’t mind can you send me Excel Tutorials with Exercise Step by Step (A to Z). more variety excel formula and their examples. I want to be master of excel.


thanks in advance


Thanks for help.

T Mohan Krishna

I want to learn more on Excel functions and VBA with more examples, which are downloadable.

Sanjay Shinde

I want to learnVLOOKUP


I want to know the Vlookup, Hlookup & IF formulas


i’m interested to know more about vlookup and hlookup- so i can optimize its use on my bowling score tracker

George Van Hoosier

Great Tutorials


thanks for update

bijay limbu

waiting for in advance concept…

Hui Eng

excellent learning path

Asante yaw

Please i have created a workbook that contains a lot of student and their exams score. i have worksheet name print student report where all student marks are display base on vlookup of the student ID numbers. I want a vba code that can help me print for all the student with one click command at once without change the ID numbers one after the other. or to print in range. example id number E001 to E070. where the id number is in cell f14 which will look up the value when id is changed. Please help me the procedure on the vba cod for doing that. thank you.


I like to know how to make my own excel format work sheet

Harold Adams

Send excel formulas samples

Abu Bakar Siddique

I want some excel formula here

Deborah Mann

I want to learn about nested formulae

Budi Witjaksono

thank you very helpful


lets have a look to the book : )


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