Women: the engines behind global growth

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In the past 10 years, the increase in female employment in developed economies has contributed more to global growth than China. Does that surprise you? , an article in this week’s magazine (4/15/2006), highlights the positive and impactful role of women’s participation in many things economics, financial, and corporate. Some of the other interesting (and perhaps controversial) items mentioned:

  • A basket of Japanese stocks selected by Goldman Sachs because they ought to benefit from women’s greater purchasing power outperformed the Tokyo stockmarket 96% to 13% over 10 years
  • Corporations with more women in senior positions earn a higher ROE than those that have fewer
  • A found that women make better investors than men
  • Countries with higher female employment rates have higher fertility rates than those with lower participation
  • The best way to boost prosperity in developing countries is to educate girls

This article is sure to draw letters from readers in forthcoming issues. I love articles that question mainstream thought and am a woman in finance myself.

But with so many of the items above mentioned just in passing in the article, I really would have liked to have seen references and details on the specific studies and points mentioned in the footnotes, especially coming from the Economist.


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