Poll: Do you read 10K statements before investing?

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I’m considering writing a basic how-to on reading . I realize most people just pile up the annual reports that they’re sent and/or never read 10Ks. So I’ve created a poll (my first using the , so bear with me) to see if such an entry would be useful or not and if so, what areas to concentrate on. Please vote if you’re interested and leave any additional comments below.


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How to read a 10-K filing: a basic guide ยป

[…] The poll I ran a while ago on 10-Ks didn’t get many takers, but I decided this might be a useful enough topic to write about anyway. It turns out, I think, that unless they’ve had a business school education or worked in finance, most people find 10-Ks intimidating, boring, and unappealingly long documents. That might seem to be the case, but they’re chock full of information on a company and well worth reading before choosing to invest money in the company’s stock. Even if you don’t know what all of the terminology means, or how to calculate financial ratios, you can get a good idea of what the company does, what risks there might be to its operations, and what plans management have in mind. […]


WOW, i loved your 10-k article, you are a life saver!! thank you thank you thank you!!!


I have to say it is very very VERY helpful. Thank you so much. I can’t understand why such a useful website like yours couldn’t get that many viewers. Perhaps you should market your website to outreach ignorant investors like me.. perhaps a good start will be on the Google Finance forum.