Need some extra money? Let’s mine asteroids!

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Now here’s a pretty radical idea: , an online sci-fi game (or to be exact), has so that players can use them to withdraw real cold, hard cash from the virtual money and accounts they’ve made in this game. Yep, it seems you can now earn earn real money by running space stations and blasting aliens. Entropia is apparently not the first online game to try this, but it is one of the largest, claiming an asset turnover in its virtual economy equal to US$165M (!!) last year.

I know of friends who’ve been so ferverous about online games such as Everquest who put real US Dollars into building characters for sci-fi games. Now it appears they might soon be able to channel that intensity to replace their real-world jobs and salaries altogether.

Since Entropia’s virtual economy is unusual in that assets are actually built and bought using real world money to begin with, it might be some time before kids can get a foothold, but that’ll make keeping them away from gaming even harder, won’t it? Think Jason Fox of .


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