Too cool not to pass along


Remember the game 20 questions, where you think of an object and I ask you 20 yes/no questions and guess what you’re thinking of? Someone’s come up with a version at that seems pretty darn accurate. It’s probably -based artificial intelligence and claims to guess what you’re thinking of 80% of the time and 98% if you let it ask 25 questions. It guessed “carrot” and “glue” when I tried it. If it doesn’t guess what you’ve got in mind, it learns it for the future. Ok, this is my non-finance post for the week, but I guess it tickles my scientist’s funny bone.


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Miserly Bastard

Thanks, incredible. I also think your reference to Bayes Theorem was excellent.


Thanks for the comment. Bayes is definitely interesting to me, especially since I was “brought up” to be a frequentist through my science education!

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