Of Carnivals and Jewelers

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Investorgeeks is hosting this week’s , and it marks my first submission to this ongoing event. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of “carnivals”, don’t worry, I wasn’t sure what they were either up until last week. The short explanation is that carnivals are basically a regular listing of links to posts submitted by bloggers that highlight their work. Usually those who have already submitted a post take turns to “host” the carnival each time. In the area of personal finance, there are three carnivals that I know of: Carnival of Investing, Carnival of Personal Finance, and Festival of Frugality.

The post I most enjoyed this week on Carnival of Investing is called “Jewlers Dangling” over at Mover Mike’s. My husband and I ordered our wedding rings from a jeweler in Spain, where we married, in December 2003, when platinum was around 650 Euros (~US$780) per troy oz. The jeweler was the owner of his own small shop and had given us that figure as his high-end estimate, which he honored a few weeks later when we picked up the rings. He was just astounded at how platinum had taken off in price. In his case, he was simply charging his customers whatever the current spot price of the metal was at the time of their order.

In case you’re curious, as of last Friday, !


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