Counting your pennies might make you rich

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Scott Travers, a famous , has put 3 rare pennies into public circulation in the hopes of rekindling the public’s interest in coin collecting. The coins in question are worth between $200 and $1000, though none have yet been found, or so says the Dallas Morning News, who published a story on . I doubt his coins will get from NYC to the West coast anytime soon, but who knows? I once got a $5 bill in change back from Bartell Drugs in Seattle with a “Where’s George?” stamp on it, which turned out to be a pretty nifty site that tracked US dollar bills as they made their way around the nation. Anyway, why not check your coins the next time before dumping them into a Coinstar machine? You never know what you might have.


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A Penny Saved… : A Penny Saved… worth $1000

[…] The Dallas Morning News (via Experiments in Finance) had an article on Sunday about Scott Travers.  Scott is a rare-coin expert in New York City.  Scott paid (partially at least) for a bottle of water with a $1000 penny.  On purpose. “I just wanted to put a little magic into everyday life,” said Mr. Travers, a rare-coin expert based in New York. […]