No more starving artists?

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My final post this week focusing on alternative finance highlights , a unique company that’s providing defined contribution retirement plan to emerging and mid-career artists all over the world, and whose incomes typically ebb and flow erratically. To accomplish this, APT is applying , mutual fund management, and principles to a traditionally underserved population.

Artists apply to take part in the Trust, and if accepted, agree to submit 20 of their works over 20 years. APT creates “funds” of artists, and once 250 of them are reached, the fund is closed. APT decides when the time is ripe to sell the artists’ works, presumably under optimal market conditions, and the money received from the sale of the work is divided between the artist who receives 40% deposited into a his or her account, APT which receives 20% in management fees, and the remaining 249 artists in the artist’s cohort who divvy up the remaining 40% into their retirement accounts.

Like a VC firm, APT expects only 10% of the works to hit that golden mark and sell above $250K, but the beauty of the setup is that, as in microfinance, the peer group is comprised of different artists who all benefit in some part from the success of one of its members and, in theory, should all be in alignment about reaching the same goal.

APT has trusts set up in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US. It’s received a lot of press recently, but it remains to be seen whether its concept will be a success in reality. Still, it’s always inspiring to see traditional finance principles being applied in a completely new way.


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cool, can i sign up for the trust, I’m an artist from Malaysia.

and the guys at will surely love the idea!


Glad you enjoyed the post. Your site looks pretty neat, a nice exhibition of artists’ works.

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