More thrifty ways to look good and stay fashionable

Tips for saving money

Today’s paper had an with a some interesting pointers. I’ve added a few sites of my own to their list:

  • Get makeup and makeup tools on the cheap: Sites like e.l.f. (aff) (stands for eyes, lips, face) sell basic makeup and makeup brushes for $1. Shipping costs apparently can outweigh the low prices, though maybe a customized makeup kit, buying several makeup brushes can make the deal worthwhile, or putting in a big order that you then share with friends.
  • Makeup Lineup

    is another site, good for finding reviews on all sorts of beauty products and even offers a product swap area for members, if you’re into that. Also, check out Mario Badescu’s line of products. They’re generous with samples (just fill out their consultation page) and if you choose to buy, have high-quality products at reasonable prices.

  • Dress sharing is in: High schoolers from different cities are sharing prom dresses, and Kidman and Watts are sharing Prada. Parents, what would your daughters say to that proposal? Who knows, maybe it’s more feasible these days with and all these popular social networking sites.
  • Do it yourself: If you like sewing or arts and crafts and haven’t been to Craftster’s forum, hop on over. There are some really talented people there offering tutorials on how to make the latest retro handbags, prom dress, and wallets out of new or recycled materials. Fun and challenging.
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    Any idea if the E.L.F cosmetics and brushes are good quality and not tested on animals? I bought some makeup brushes at Target and they were scratchy and awful. The $30 brush I bought at Mac was fantastic, and the $28 Lancome one i bought before college is still in great shape! For makeup brushes (at least the bigger ones) I’d say quality is really important…


    They’re supposed to be cruelty-free, no animal testing, and quality makeup. I haven’t tried their brushes because I still own the ones I bought from Bobbi Brown a few years ago: $65 for a powder brush, etc.! And I hardly ever use most of them. Anyway, ELF supports the Humane Society and other charities, so I hope they’re consistent with their principles all around.

    They also claim they’re cheaper because they do next to no branding, have no overhead, and no advertising, like what generic drugs are to the pharmaceutical industry. The guy behind the ELF line also did Hard Candy (makeup) and Neutrogena for men. Hard Candy looks interesting too: vegan makeup?