Bucking the housing insanity: small and prefab homes

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With all the talk of real estate bubbles and the cost of housing these days, it’s always inspiring to be reminded that there’s always a way to build a better mousetrap. describes how one couple managed to build their dream house and find an alternative to the 40-hours-per-week, work-in-a-job-you-loathe-to-pay-your-mortgage lifestyle.

We’ve collected magazines and catalogues on architecture, furniture, and design elements that we like, in the hopes that some day we’ll be able to integrate some of those into a dream house somewhere. One of those is , which often has articles about innovative living in .

And you think you know manufactured homes? Take a look at these modular and prefab designs:

For more info, Fatwallet has an entire thread dedicated to the topic.

Like everything else, there are always other ways to get a roof over your head, and here again, better solutions are to be found while bucking mainstream trends.


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