Observations about this week’s Economist

Current events

Just got a copy of this week’s in the mail today. I assume that’s the nice thing about living close to one of their editorial offices — I used to receive them on Mondays or Tuesdays when I lived in the Pacific Northwest. Leafing through the issue, I noticed that:

  1. They certainly have a quick turnaround time to be able to headline al-Zarqawi’s demise on the front cover
  2. The blog got mentioned twice in a special article about technology and living
  3. (MT), the world’s largest steelmaker, which has been attempting to make a hostile takeover of Arcelor for the last several months, took out a full page ad addressing Arcelor shareholders directly, in an attempt to convince them to approve their offer

As usual, many other interesting articles, making for lots of reading to do this weekend.


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