For an alternative family vacation activity, go treasure hunting!

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Tired of heading to theme parks? The Travel Channel showed a program last night entitled “America’s Best Places to Find Cash & Treasures” and profiled several places where you and your family could spend a day hunting for fossils and semi-precious and precious stones.

Most of these places are rural and a bit out-of-the way but might make for a fun pit stop on a long cross-country road trip. I couldn’t find a link to the program and only caught part of it, so here are the sites they featured that I remember:

  1. , Delta, Utah: go hunting for fossils in a large quarry
  2. : buy a bucket of rocks on the cheap and pan away for gems
  3. , Denio, NV: Bring a pickaxe, screwdriver, and a bucket of water to hunt for , the rarest of them all.
  4. , Pala, CA: Just north of San Diego, go hunting for pink .

There were a few other places that I didn’t catch for hunting gold and other goodies. The benefits of going to these places is that you’re doing something together as a family, you’re mostly outdoors enjoying the weather, and they’re definitely educational, since you’ll learn about how gemstones are created and what fossils creatures existed and when.

Besides, who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?


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