Most baffling customer service experience. Ever.

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Thinking about my experience with Comcast earlier this week reminded me of a simultaneously funny but perplexing story a friend of mine shared with me.

He and his family lived in Houston, TX, and had visited a fair one weekend. Being the summertime, the weather was tortuously muggy and hot, so he offered to head to a concession stand to buy everyone some drinks. His wife was several months pregnant at the time, so she and her sister both asked him to get them some water instead of soda.

Off he went to a concession stand, where he ordered one medium Coke for himself, and two waters for his wife and sister-in-law.

The woman behind the counter told him, “I’ll have to charge you $2 for the water just like it was a Coke.” He replied, “That’s fine.” The woman collected the $6 and went to get three medium cups. She took one, filled it with some ice, then filled it with Coke from the machine, and set it aside.

Then my friend watched as she proceeded to fill the next cup with ice, fill it to the rim with Coke, and then patiently empty the contents of the cup onto the ground before refilling the cup again with ice and, this time, water. She repeated this whole thing again with the next cup.

Finally, she smilingly handed him over his order as if nothing strange had just happened. He was so surprised at this behavior that he didn’t know what to say.

So what’s your most perplexing experience as a customer? Happy Friday!


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