Finally! My site is a positive NPV project

Experiglot's valuation

It’s the end of the month and quarter, so time again for the close of books. Experiments in Finance’s NPV finally turned positive this month to $19.95. But as usual, the calculations ignore labor costs, so maybe it doesn’t have much meaning. Still, I’ll take small victories. My also increased an order of magnitude to six-digits from seven. Happily, traffic continues to build, but I can’t expect to see these growth rates for much longer, methinks.

Revenue this month included a one-off $5 Mturk hit for placing a link to a site called Web1Marketing for one week. I’m also starting to see some earnings from Amazon, but they’re so paltry that I’ve decided to be conservative and only recognize revenue when there’s a good chance of realizing payment. (Amazon has a $10 minimum payment threshold.)

Otherwise, I’d have to create a reserve account, which would complicate matters since this project is being run on a . I’m still hoping to diversify income among advertisers once I have enough popularity and traffic to be attractive to them.

So, I’m off to build more content (well, after the Brazil-France game). The last couple of weeks have been busy, but more how-to-calculate-type finance posts coming now that I have a little more time to spend writing them.


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