Results of June poll

Personal finance

This was one of my first polls, mostly to see if people would respond, but it wasn’t well thought out, because I couldn’t draw too many interesting conclusions. The poll asked, “What’s the most that you’ve ever spent on an eBay item?” and was run from 6/19 through 6/30/06. Results of the poll are below. (If you only see the poll and not its results below, just click on “View Results”. Sorry, it’s a quirk of the Democracy plugin I’m using.)

Only one person commented on her purchase (she was happy with having bought a difficult-to-find item), and as much as I tried, I was unable to find the average selling price (ASP) on eBay. The one thing I could find was that in their Q1’06 call, eBay mentioned that ASPs have been dropping.

The few observations I’ve drawn from the responses are that despite being savvy enough to find and read this site, there are more people out there than I realized who haven’t used eBay for purchases (17% of respondents). Perhaps they’re readers located in countries that aren’t easily served. Also, it appears no one’s bought a car through eBay motors. Overall, I guess we’re a frugal bunch.


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