Is this impressive or appalling?

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I’m completely baffled: should I be disgusted by the excess or impressed by the creativity of ? The video presentation looks like something out of Total Recall: man-made island real estate properties for sale to suit your every fantasy, assuming you have the funds. Opinions?


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Is this in addition to the Palms development? I think people have already purchased acreage.


Sure is. I’d forgotten about the Palm Islands, which I think I first saw at Those are due to be completed in 2006-07. The World Islands are due to be completed in 2008. An interesting and unusual way to develop an economy, for sure!


I think it’s interesting. What I’d like to know is a) how they did it b) is it environmentally friendly and c) how much did it cost.

I’ve seen it before but never taken the time to research my questions. :) Good post.


Ask, and ye shall receive, or get my attempt, anyway!

a) dredging and redepositing sand, according to this article from 2005;
b) not exactly, according to the same article;
c) $7.6B, according to this site. (The other site above lists $14B, but if so, then the project is woefully unprofitable based on retail prices from the same article.)

Seems other sorts of massive island developments are around too, like Moon Bahamas.

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