A brief update on site happenings this week


Lots of changes seem to be afoot! First, welcome to all the readers who might be visiting from The Street’s Daily Blog Watch. It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise to find my article on ETFs had been picked up by such a well-read site this morning.

Second, those readers might also be interested in this week’s Carnival of Investing, a collection of investment-related entries being hosted over at Free Money Finance. I submitted a post on choosing a bond fund, but there are several others worth reading, including one on , which I’ll need to look into learning more about myself.

Third, as you may know, I’m writing both here and on All Financial Matters this week for JLP, the blog’s author, so why not drop by and take a look? My posts there have been shorter and a bit more interactive, in an effort to respect his spirit of writing. Maintaining two blogs and writing multiple, interesting articles on each one is quite the challenge, but well worth it. Thanks again to JLP for giving me this opportunity.


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