This week’s carnival roundup

Business & entrepreneurship, Personal finance

As usual, I present a summary of the best posts from the carnivals I participated in this week.

First off, this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance illustrates exactly why it pays to read different opinions. I submitted a post about how we’d decided to (to a tune of 7% from Citibank), but another submission illustrates a concrete example of at less than 3%. I think we’re saying the same thing; unfortunately, federal loans just weren’t available to us in our case.

The Carnival of the Capitalists is rapidly becoming my favorite carnival for both reading and submissions, and worth considering especially if you’re into business and entrepreneurship just as much as finance. My favorite post is also the host’s, which asks the ethical question, ?

At this week’s Festival of Frugality, you’ll find many links this week to lists on how to save on prescriptions, cleaning, eating, mortgages…quite the smorgasbord. In an unusual limerick format, Money and Values has summarized what each submission is about in a fun format.


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