“I’ll just pay someone to worry about my money”

Personal finance


Ramit over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich has started a unique personal finance “ad campaign” targeted at younger people.

The idea’s pretty simple: create a bunch of arresting images (like the one to the left) that get people to pause and consider the importance of starting to manage their money at an early age, and then direct these same people to his website.

I don’t benefit from putting this ad here, but I admire the initiative he took, think the message is important, and believe that what Ramit has to offer is worthwhile enough to suggest you head over there and visit his site, especially if you’re a recent college grad. What he’s accomplished so far is impressive, and I think his communication style is pretty effective for the audience he’s targeting.

If you’re a personal finance blogger and think it’s a worthwhile message to spread, he’s got an entire series of images planned. (One other, entitled “Retirement accounts? But I’m 23” is also available.)


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