Anyone ever tried this frugal (or strange) tip?

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From reddit: . Seems like a nice, cheap way to get a mid-afternoon snack for the office.

On the other hand, I’d want it done in a pretty clean car (I like my cookies smelling like cookies and not picking up odors of stale and hidden fast food). I’m also not sure I’d want to do it and leave my car smelling like cookies. Mightn’t that attract ants and such?


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Frugal Duchess

That is so wild….and now for the main course.

I also heard about frugal room service in a hotel…

Grilled cheese sandwich recipe:

1) hot iron from the hotel room
2) a few slices of bread
3) a few slices of cheese
4) tin foil
5) and a pat of butter.

1)assemble a cheese sandwich, with a smear of butter on the outside of the bread.

2) wrap sandwich in foil.

3) turn the iron on medium or hot setting

4) apply hot iron to foil..cook up your hot meal.

I recently heard about this from the father, whose son has used this recipe while traveling.


Hah — I’m headed out of town for a couple of days and might have to try that trick. Especially with airlines not providing food these days ;)