Ahh, taxes…

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Be sure to check out the Tax Carnival over at Don’t Mess with Taxes. Kay was kind enough to include the comments on an article I wrote for All Things Financial regarding changes in Roth IRA tax laws.

There are some great resources included in the Carnival, including one on tax resources on the Internet.

Okay, so taxes are not what everyone would choose to spend their free time reading about. But if you’re like me, you sometimes end up ignoring this very real and significant impact to your finances until it’s too late. (For example, after writing my recent post on employee stock purchase plans, I realized I completely neglected to mention that there are definite tax implications depending on whether you have a or !)

So head on over and educate, or at least bookmark some of these posts. (There’s even a lighter one on what celebrity you’d tax to bring the budget back into balance). After all, how often can you get free CPA advice? And come next April, if not sooner, you’ll be glad you did!


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