August site earnings update

Experiglot's valuation

Just a quick (but tardy) site update for consistency’s sake: August’s earnings were slightly down overall due to my 3-week post hiatus, though not as much as I expected. (Perhaps I’ve finally reached a certain level of critical mass of useful posts.) Adsense earnings continue to grow, and I received my first Adsense check as well.

Traffic hit a record 6,400 unique visitors last month. I think a lot of that came from , a social bookmarking-type site that Shane Ede of A Penny Saved… (and fellow Problogger group writing project devotee) pointed out to me. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, it’s a free service worth checking out that gives a nice boost to traffic. I’ve found the pages on this site that are the most popular with Google search results also do well there. Once you join, it’s easy to contribute your site, and the nice thing is that you can contribute specific pages (or posts) instead of just your site URL.


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