Would you encourage your kids to follow your career footsteps?


According to a recent WSJ article, .

This rings true for me: my father, a pathologist, made it abundantly clear to both my brother and me that he didn’t think being a doctor was the wisest career to choose, thanks to escalating insurance costs and a demanding lifestyle. Instead, he always thought the business world was the one to be in. Of course, the grass always looks greener, perhaps….

For my part, I’d encourage my kids to be more entrepreneurial, though that doesn’t mean that’s the path I want them to take. I simply wished I had been exposed to and developed a savvy, street-smart sense of business a little earlier in life. I’ve also not been afraid to try different roles, or take positions in smaller companies and startups (some worked, some didn’t), and I’d probably encourage my children to do the same.

What about you? Would you encourage or discourage your child to go into your profession?


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One Feedback on "Would you encourage your kids to follow your career footsteps?"


I wouldn’t encourage my children to follow in my footsteps and become an IT consultant. With so many companies outsourcing these jobs overseas, I sometimes wonder how long I will continue to do this myself.

I don’t have to worry about it for a few years, but I honestly don’t know what career path I would encourage my children to follow right now.