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I put my money where my mouth was and decided to put my own advice on buying pet medications to the test. I put in an order today at (aff) for some heartworm and flea medication and was surprised by how much I was able to save.

I shopped around a bit and found to have the lowest prices on the medications I wanted. But living in California, I got charged tax at 8.25%.

Since I had better coupon deals with 1-800-PetMeds, I decided to use them and try their price match guarantee. I placed my order, sent in my price match request, and no more than 2 minutes later, I received a confirmation email saying my request had been honored. Here are the results:

Item Vet price 1-800-PetMeds After price match with
12-month supply of Sentinel heartworm pills, 11-25lbs $149.90 $107.08 $95.99
12-month supply of Frontline Plus, 0-22lbs $180.20 (for 14-month supply) $154.98 $114.99
Coupons ($26.21) ($26.21)
Total $330.10 $235.85 $184.77
Savings (%) $94.25 (28.6%) $145.33 (44%)

Shipping was free from the online merchants because I bought over the necessary amount (guess I’m lucky to have two similarly-sized dogs with the same needs). And I looked at my receipt from the vet and couldn’t make heads or tails of the sales tax amount; it seems they might not charge for all medications or supplies, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt in the comparison above.

Coupons are always good. For 1-800-PetMeds, I usually find a coupon in one of those direct-mail ValPak envelopes (yes, they can sometimes be good for something!) for 10% off a minimum order of $39, and free shipping. By the way, for September, the coupon code was VALPA8. The VALPA8 coupon code worked fine, even though it was supposed to have expired by September 30th. If that one goes bad, there’s supposed to also one out there for 10% off your purchase, expiring December 31, 2006, if you enter in code couponcabin. Update: I found a coupon code 5831 for $10 off $39 that was sent to us when one of our previous orders fell through. The small print says “Not valid on vaccines or refrigerated items, or with any other offer. Expiration Date: 10/11/06”. Hope someone can use this, and sorry I didn’t notice it earlier. I’m just now cleaning out our coupon pile.

For non-Californian residents out there, EntirelyPets might still be your best deal. There are usually. Keep in mind that most online pet medication vendors don’t allow combining or stacking coupons or offers, but given the savings available, I’m not going to complain :)


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Heatworm preventer is a cattle product which can be purchased on line for under 5% of the cost of heartguard type products. Sorry that I can’t give you specifics as I am currently traveling. You and your readers can surely Google for specifics.

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