Splurging on my yoga mat

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As a response to Flexo’s post on 10 Examples of How You Can Be Penny Wise, Pound Foolish, I spent $56 yesterday on a nice . I’ve been taking a few yoga and pilates classes at our fitness center and finally decided I enjoyed both enough that I was going to do them on a regular basis and invest some money in proper equipment.

The mats provided at the gym are really thin Aeromats, meaning they’re not so comfy and also probably not washed on a regular basis (yuck!). I decided to buy the Harmony mat because $56 on a mat of higher quality and thickness now (that’s about $30-$35 more than a generic mat from Target) is better than spending hundreds or more later to solve a back problem or risking getting some sort of gross fungal infection.

Plus, I like that it’s environmentally friendly (it’s made entirely of natural rubber). I was a bit surprised to find out that $50 was a midpoint price for a yoga mat. Apparently that’s closer to $80, but it’s a little bit of overkill for my needs.

I’ve certainly erred on the side of spending too much on camping equipment in the past that didn’t get used, so it takes a conscious effort on my part to watch my spending in these areas by buying a quality product that meets my needs rather than buying the most expensive, over-engineered one that will probably outlast my lifetime!


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One Feedback on "Splurging on my yoga mat"


Yay for finding an exercise that you like!
I might try yoga again, since my back is suddenly starting to feel tight and sore. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting old. :(

My grandfather used to do yoga every morning well into his 70s and he was always in pretty good shape.

Good luck!