Finance sites and posts I’ve enjoyed recently

Business & entrepreneurship, Value investing

George of Fat Pitch Financials has started a new site called that’s worth a look. Think of it as a value investing version of reddit, where users can contribute posts they’ve enjoyed and have members rank them higher or lower in importance. Right now, he’s giving away a few copies of The Little Book of Value Investing to the highest users in October, and there’s also a way for you to share in ad revenues as well. You can also find a link to the homepage there.

Along the same lines, but a site that’s been around for much longer is , which provides information on the stocks that gurus like Buffett, Soros, and other well-respected fund managers are buying and selling. I’m guessing that the info comes with a time delay and mimicking the pros’ picks won’t be an easy way to make money, but it’s a neat site anyway.

Ramit over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich did a nice . Her story and advice on moving from being a “corporate prisoner” to “thriving entrepreneur” (that’s actually her business, helping people do that) are both inspiring and practical, well worth a read.


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