That Oprah’s one smart cookie

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Breaking news is that and one week to do it. That cause could be one person or several organizations (relatives are excluded), and she’s handed out a DVD recorder so audience members can film their act to be aired on a future show.

So, philanthropy is great, but doing so at the same time as getting real-world, market-proven, compelling material guaranteeing future revenue (kind of like how American Idol works) is brilliant. Geez, it’s sure to result in an impressive ROI.

Guess that’s why she’s the queen of talk shows! So, if you had this opportunity, what would you do?


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My understanding is that Bank of America gave her the cards – so it was no money out of her pocket this time.

Now, the question is: Is the $1000 taxable? Will these 300 folks need to report it as income?

Dogberry Patch

Frugal Duchess

Hey Rice Mutt:
Great post.
I would use the funds for education.
I would donate 50 percent to my children’s school.
And 50 percent to the new fund established by singer Alicia Keys for education of low-income students.

Thanks for asking!