1-month T-bill now at 5.37% APY

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I didn’t get a chance to update my T-bills graph last week, so here it is below with this week’s rates included. The big news this week was that the 28-day T-bill auctioned for 5.37% APY this week, making it once again a very competitive option versus other short-term and high-yield savings accounts.

And that’s before taking into account that T-bills are exempt from state income tax. Assuming California residency and a federal tax bracket of 25%, the for an APY of 5.37% would be 6.13%!

As the spread has increased between the 28-day and the 91- and 182-day T-bills, I’ve opted to hold off investing in the 3-month T-bills at Schwab and set my investments at Treasury Direct for the 28-day T-bill to recur monthly. So far, I’ve been very happy with using T-bills as my main cash management strategy.



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