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I’ve read a few posts over the last few months of people who could really use a helping hand, like this one in which a single mom with three children suddenly found herself losing her mother to cancer, being diagnosed with cancer herself, and unable to make ends meet.

Yesterday, I read about a non-profit charity called that just might be able to help those like her called.

Modest Needs was recently featured in the Today Show and the Oregonian and is a non-profit specifically created to reach out to hard-working individuals and families who suddenly find themselves faced with small, emergency expenses that they have no way to afford on their own.

Modest Needs gives out small donations, not loans, to those who are really in need and for many of whom that small amount means the difference between being able to climb out of their current situation or to fall into “the cascade effect of the cycle of poverty” as the founder, Keith Taylor, describes it. They seem to be rigorous in their selection process as well, requiring documentation and an explanation of why the money’s needed. Think of it like, only for donations instead of loans.

Here are two stories from the article above that Modest Needs has helped:

Recently a woman living in a small Oregon town fell behind on her rent and car payments. She had managed to support two children and graduate from a two-year massage therapy program. Confident that she’d soon have a job, she asked Modest Needs for $595 to catch up on her car payments, pay her rent and make small payments on other debts.

[One request] came from an older couple living near Vancouver, Wash. With only two more mortgage payments left before they would own their own home, the husband fell ill. The couple spent the money designated to pay off their house on medicine instead. Modest Needs donors met the couple’s request for $500.

Obviously, Modest Needs isn’t meant to provide a long-term solution, but it could be of great benefit to some, especially those facing the expenses of a sudden and serious illness. Their average grant size is $380 and 65% of those who benefit from a donation from Modest Needs become contributors.

So, please pass this info to anyone you might know who could use their services and help get the word out on this unique organization. And if you have a few dollars to spare, why not check out what they do?


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[…] I just found out about throught this post by my blogging friend Ricemutt over at Experiments in Finance. Modests Needs’ mission is to: To prevent otherwise financially self-sufficient individuals and families from entering the cycle of poverty, when this might be avoided with a small amount of well-timed financial assistance; […]


Looking for donations for honest members


This women is Sabrina Young from Chicago Illinois and a very well known scammer.Removing her from your site will protect a lot of innocent people.

Sabrina from the yahoo group called family in need.If you give to her she helps noone but herself!

AJ Conigliaro

I nominate my mom for americias favorite mom trying to help… my brother told me about this site but they can’t help our income is too small so… I thougt if I posted my letter here maybe some one can help

whats a mom???
My Mom:

She has defended me and helped me even when I probably did not deserve it. I have gone through so much with her and we hardly ever fight [but when we do we sure make up for time lost, haha]. It is a little eerie how much Billie Jean, her mother, and I look alike because I am not biologically her daughter. Ever since I was three Billie Jean has taken care of me and I do not believe I would be as smart, driven, or as self confident as I am if it was not for her. I also probably would not be as sarcastic or bold… She has inspired me to become the absolute best that I possibly can become and to
fight for what I believe in. When I grow up and become a mom [not for years, mom, I promise!] I hope that I will be half as amazing as she is.?
My name is AJ…I choose that name becasue I am not my biological mothers child any more…I am 16 years old, and was abondoned by both parents, first by my father who I have never met face to face and only know through letter I wrote to him several years ago, my biological mother was very abusive to me,and often left me alone. Billie Jean was my baby sitter, who always took me in, picked my up from my home anytime day or night if I was alone and scared, she made sure I had clothes and food in my house, took a bath and brushed my teeth. She made sure I got to school and always encouraged me to do my best even when I didn’t think I could. I have spent 7 years as a ward of the court, because they tell me I can not be adopted unless my biological mother gives up her rights… we don’t know where she is and I have not seen her in 2 years. The reason my mom is the best is because she gave up everything for me,and I do mean everything, even her health…She supported me in court when no on else did, she has fought for me and for what is right… and still fights. Since she lost everthing we live on 625.00 a month, yet she always makes sure we have what we need… Yes I said 625.00 a month…She has taught me what is important, and you can do anything if you try hard enough. I know that no matter what,she will ALWAYS love me ALWAYS want me, and ALWAYS be there for me… I never ever have to worry about being alone again, because she will give up everything if thats what it takes to be there with me.And she already has.
There are very few people that would do what she has done, and the reason I would like her to win is so she can take care of her self…She has not had new clothes in 5years, has not had a real hair cut in I don’t remember when, needs dental work, she can’t afford,and after giving up everything for me… it’s her turn.
A mother is not always the one that give you life, but the one that helps you have a life…and I have one now thanks to my mom…

My mom had her car stolen last week, as it is we have struggled, but she has never given up on any of us so if there is anyone who can help …
my moms e mail address is