Everyone wants a prenup

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Earlier this month, I polled . Turns out you’re largely a pragmatic bunch, with 48% saying a definite “yes”, 15% “no”, and 33% “maybe”. Here’s the breakdown:

Unfortunately, no one left comments, though at least one reader was enterprising enough to write his/her own poll response that left no doubt as to his/her stance!

Personally, I was surprised how amenable people were to the idea of signing a prenup and expected more of a bimodal distribution. Then again, this isn’t exactly a Nielsen poll :)


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3 Feedbacks on "Everyone wants a prenup"


I didn’t take the poll, but I think more people are open to the idea of prenups because they’ve seen what happens when it’s not there: couples break up and spend $5000 fighting over a $50 chair, the mom that gave up her career to raise 3 children suddenly are out on the streets, etc. etc.


Prenups are ridiculous. If you are worried about someone taking your money from you, WHY ARE YOU MARRYING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?


I’m not into the idea, but a friend framed it in a way that sounded very interesting to me. She and her partner signed a prenup because she wanted to make sure they were both taken care of in case they split up, and they could make those arrangements out of love, instead of being forced to out of acrimony when the relationship was over. an interesting way to think about it?