December and 2006 site earnings summary

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Earnings on this site ended 2006 strongly. After subtracting $24.95 in expenses (comprised of a $9.95 monthly hosting fee and $15 to renew the domain name another year), earnings totaled $265.81 in December. In 2006, my first year of blogging, I earned a total of $772.49. I began this site with 42 visitors in January and ended with nearly 12,500 visitors in December.

I’ve been testing out a really elegant Excel add-in called (review forthcoming), based on and thought I’d use it to present a summary of my revenue sources as they changed over time:

As you can see, Adsense still comprises a good chunk of my income from this site, although it’s no longer the source of the majority. I really now only use the first four affiliates listed, having decided that Emigrant Direct was too much trouble to deal with. (I also have some very paltry earnings from Amazon that I haven’t included because it’s unclear when I’ll break the $10 threshold required for a payout.)

So thank you, everyone, for making 2006 such a fun year! It’s been very interesting to watch the growth and (re-)learn how the internet integrates and disperses ideas.

Look forward to the plenty of things I plan to share in 2007!


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[…] Ricemutt analyzes her blog’s earnings. […]

The Digerati Life

Wow, very very helpful Ricemutt! This truly gives the hardworking blogosphere a chance to see what can potentially be achieved. I can only aspire to “get there” :). Thanks for the inspiration…I still have much work to do!

AllFinancialMatters » Blog Archive » JLP’s Weekly Roundup XL

[…] Ricemutt analyzes her blog’s earnings. […]

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