And now for the big news…

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Welp, all those interview rounds I’ve had the past several weeks paid off in the end, and I received and accepted a very nice job offer with a new company this week! I’m pretty excited and will start in just a little over a week’s time.

Not to worry, my new position is still in corporate finance, so I’ll have plenty of practice working with Excel and all the typical finance tools to create how-to posts aplenty.

Whereas my past finance positions focused mainly on scrutinizing costs related to manufacturing and operations, the new one is more focused on the revenue side of things, with a greater connection to the end-customer. The position’s scope should also be greater and offer more opportunities than did my past jobs. Always a positive.

That’s about it for now. More to come after I actually start!


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Congrats! I’m in the first week of my job. For some reason the idea of a new job with new challenges always makes me want to go out and prove myself.

Good Luck!


CONGRATS! Wish you the best in your new job.


Congratulations! One word of advice: Enjoy! Just because it’s a job, doesn’t mean it has to be work.


Thanks for your advice and wishes, everyone!

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CONGRATULATIONS! More income more investments, more to discuss here! :D