One way to get guaranteed lottery winnings

Personal finance

Here’s something you don’t see every day. The IRS is auctioning some guaranteed California lottery payments tomorrow (gotta act fast for this one) in a seized property auction. Details below:

Description of Property: Guaranteed California Lottery Payments

Payable as follows:

$ 19,999.98 net on or around 12/05/2014
$ 19,999.98 net on or around 12/05/2015
$ 19,999.98 net on or around 12/05/2016

Encumbrances Note: None senior to Federal Tax Lien

Minimum Bid: $ 24,000.00

So is this a good deal? It’s a pretty straightforward problem, but you’d have to do some sensitivity analyses around some key assumptions (discount rate, tax rate, etc.) to figure out how much your maximum bid should be. How about it?


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