An automated version of my Portfolio vs. S&P 500 tracking spreadsheet

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Before my site went down last week, I received an email from Jae Jun at (a fellow value investing blogger) who took it upon himself to make an that I created when this site first launched (the original version’s here).

Using the SMF add-in from Randy at Yahoo! groups, the spreadsheet now automatically looks up SPY’s performance on a particular date rather than requiring you to manually enter in SPY prices, a real time saver.

Thanks for doing this Jae! You can go to the link above to find the spreadsheet as well as his instructions, and while you’re at it, check out his blog and “about” page.


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3 Feedbacks on "An automated version of my Portfolio vs. S&P 500 tracking spreadsheet"


Glad to hear that your website is back. I really enjoy reading your posts!

Jae Jun

Thanks for the kind words and Im glad I can provide some service for the investing community.

SMF add in is a really powerful and useful tool for financial data retrieval and analysis. I hope to upload my automated Ben Graham and FWallStreet spreadsheet soon.

Jason Crowe

It might be of interest to you that the same thing can be accomplished with google documents. I have retrieved financial data based only on the date.

If anyone is interested, I would be happy to share the spreadsheet with you.