New! Excel and finance consultations for small businesses

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I’ve decided to soft-launch a . After receiving regular requests from small business owners for help and being encouraged by them to give it a try, I finally figured, “Why not?”

The type of consultations I’ve provided so far have varied from and to create spreadsheets for analyzing compensation payouts and inventory levels to calculating returns within confidence intervals and more. Usually, people find my site through a Google search and give my tutorials a try, only to realize they need a bit more hands-on help for their particular situation.

As long as you have a legitimate question or project you’d like help with, feel free to contact me and we can decide whether or not I can help and agree on a fee for the consult. You can also read a little more about me in my “About and contact” section. I will, of course, continue to offer and create free tutorials on this site.

By the way, I’m sorry to have to qualify questions with the word “legitimate”, but I also receive lots of requests from students who blatantly copy-and-paste homework questions and demand answers. Just check out the , for example!


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Trevor @ Financial Nut

Congrats on your business. I hope you do well!

kim-free ads

I’d like to thank and commend you for sharing this post. I am planning to put up a small biz and i find this article really helpful