Off topic and for nerds only – ever yearned for your old high school calculator?

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Are you one of those people who’s ever pined for a scientific calculator you had in the past? I’m dating myself (among other things) here, but I attended high school before the epoch of graphing TI calculators but after slide rules (thankfully)!

Somewhere between AP calculus, college, and many moves between states after graduation, I lost my much loved Casio and couldn’t for the life of me remember the model. At the time, it was amazing (to me at least) for its ability to be programmable, iterate and solve equations, deal with radians…you get the idea.

Enter , which appears to be an exhaustive database of calculators of all kinds last updated on July 17th of this year. After narrowing down the dates and manufacturer to Casio, I found my calculator within minutes. It even shows thumbnails of each calculator where available.

So, for the tiny portion of readers who are as nerdy as I am and long for things like out-of-date scientific calculators, I thought I’d share this resource :)


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Hah, my TI-86 could do circles around that old Casio. I can chart, I could make programs (which was handy for impressing the ladies ;)*), and a bunch more stuff. Take that.

* I am being facetious about impressing the ladies of course, that was only in my head


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Re: “My TI-86 could do circles around that old Casio” – well my Casio FX-3900P still works – and I still use it. Beat that!



116th Novem.ber 2014

6-2, Hon-machi 1-chome
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543,

Dear Sir,

I am a regular and loyal user of your computer products. For instance, since in the early 1980s, I have used the following brands of your calculators in Nigeria, West Africa:
1. FX 570
2. FX 3600P;
3. FX 3800P;
4. FX 4000P;
5. FX 4500P;
6. BF 100;
7. FC 100;
8. and the famous FX 9860 GII SD which I bought in May 2014.

All the calculators served me perfectly well as a lecturer, accountant, auditor and management consultant; except that I have the following reservations (adverse comments) on the recent FX 9860 GII SD:

(a) The power consumption of the calculator is too high, as compared with the other versions of your products;

(b) There is NO provision for SOLAR ENERGY to recharge the battery cells in order to give the battery (ies) long life;

(c) There is no provision to make the calculator battery rechargeable through the help of electricity, like other smaller electrical gadgets as could be seen in the case of any cell or GSM phones that are sold along with phone chargers;

(d) The OWNERS’ INSTRUCTION MANUAL which is only in software, failed in most areas, to show detailed examples or explanations as on how to manipulate the calculator and achieve the desired result, in various sections of the calculator. It is unlike your famous FX 4000 P calculator in which all the sections are well analyzed for easy understanding, in the Owners’ Manual or Owners’ Handbook which is in hard copy;
(e) There is every need to build a solar battery(ies) cells, or an electricity charging pot, on the FX 9860 GII SD MAGESTIC SUPER SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR in order to save power consumption, as well as save cost for the users;

(f) The PROGRAM LIBRARY of the FX 9860 GII SD is too small. Therefore, there is need to expand the library especially in the area of ACCOUNTANCY, BANKING AND FINANCE on which I am an expert, to incorporate many up to date financial and ancillary programs. I will happily supply some of these programs written on the FX 9860 GII SD for addition to your program library in future editions, if requested to do so;

(g) The SECTIONS ON MATRIXES AND STATISTICS need proper explanations for the easy understanding of the average students, as most of the Probability Distributions, such as the Normal or Gaussian Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Chi Square Test, F Distribution, Students “t” Test, ANOVA, etc. were not thoroughly explained to the common understanding of the layman; and especially in the area of MATRIXES. It is therefore, strongly advisable for your organization to follow the approach of the TI 81 of the Texas Instruments Computer Company of the United States of America, as assembled in Taiwan, so that matrixes could be handled with ease;

(h) Another major problem of the MAGESTIC SUPER SCIENTIFIC FX 9860 GII SD, Is that, it hangs from time to time and thus discouraging many people from using it. Something needs to be done here in order to solve the problem of hanging.

Finally, the process of transferring data from the main memory to the memory stick or SD and from the memory stick or SD to the main memory, needs a thorough explanation with various examples for the common understanding of the layman who may not be all that well versatile in computer operations.

For CASIO PRODUCTS to rule the world in the very near future, it is strongly recommended that the following features should be incorporated or built into some of the CASIO PRODUCTS:
1. CLOCK OR TIME PIECE with date, day and year;
2. TIMER; and
4. PERPETUAL CALENDER as could be found on any palmtop, laptop or desktop computers.

Although, I am not an engineer, but a lecturer and a Chartered Accountant by profession. However, I am quite sure and convinced that the CASIO COMPUTER COMPANY’S engineers can easily achieve these great feats, not only for the benefits of the Stakeholders of the CASIO COMPUTER COMPANY, but for the benefits of all CASIO PRODUCTS users worldwide.

Thank you very much for your reading and understanding my messages as I hope that you will act on them to make your products to be leaders amongst your competitors’ products in these competitive world markets; as I will always continue to patronize your future products, and recommend them to my students as well as other users, especially in the areas of ACCOUNTANCY, BANKING AND FINANCE; as well as in STATISTICS AND MATHEMATICS.

Thank you very much. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,


GSM +2348035778875

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Off topic and for nerds only – ever yearned for your old high school calculator? | Experiments in Finance