This week’s festival of stocks

Personal finance, Value investing

I submitted my recent post on my investment in QLTI to this week’s , partly in an attempt to get back into investing (and particularly value investing) resources in the blogosphere.

I found a couple of interesting articles, one an analysis at on (Berkshire recently released its Q2 holdings) that will take me some time to go through, and another on , an interesting area I didn’t know much about (though truthfully, I would probably shy away from investing in these given my style).

The latter article is a bit annoying in that it requires you to register for free before you can read the entire post, but if you’ve been looking into investing in leveraged ETFs, it’s probably worth a read first. There are also some other articles highlighting specific stocks, the Indian market, and other areas related to stocks and investing should these fit your interests.


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Jae Jun

Thanks for the link. I’m still using your portfolio spreadsheet to a great extent.


Very helpful, if I understand it, then anybody can ! ! ! ! keep up the great work ( help) for us…..

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