Moving out of corporate finance!


As I think I mentioned a few posts ago, there are a lot of changes going on at work. Earlier this year, I had set a goal of trying something different by the end of the year. Well, it’s now Q4, and I’ve decided to move out of my current role in the company’s Finance department and into one of their Operations divisions, allowing me to be closer to the company’s business and products, where I’ve wanted to be for a long time.

Don’t worry — I don’t think this will have one iota of impact on the content of this blog, be it on value investing, personal finance, or Excel tutorials. The role I’ll be taking will still require analytical skills, and I wouldn’t have taken it if I didn’t think I’d learn from it.

Guess that means I should to edit my “About” page too :)


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Financial Samurai

Good luck with your new role! Pls let us know if Operations can also be an exciting function. Thnx

Fair Loan Rate

So they decided to get you out of your cubical and put you in operations. Was it your own decision?

I think Operations is more fun than number crunching.


The move was my own decision — I wanted to give something different a try. Really looking forward to the change!

financial freedom

Congrats on your decision. I just quit my job too and I know how difficult changes can be some time. Wishing you all the best in your future post.

Debt Advice

Great decision – well done.

Florida collection agency

The older you get the more we worry about changes. Great job on the change and good luck


How did the change go?

I trained to be a CPA and last year of school the bottom fell out and I found myself disabled and heading in a new direction. I can’t say it was a ‘good change’ for me but life has a way of ‘dishing it out’ and we have to learn to roll with those changes the best we can.

I hope all is going well with you.
:-) Patricia