12 Meaningless Time Eaters in Your Day

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Have you ever had the feeling that you don’t have enough time in your day? I do! However, I also noticed that sometimes, time is taken away from me by what I call meaningless time eaters. So this morning, I sat down and made the list of all the things that happen on a daily basis and are far from being necessary in my life. I have found 12 time eaters so far:

#1 My Blackberry

I actually love my Blackberry for many reasons. I can deal with my email while I am waiting for the metro or by the printer at work. However, I have a bad habit of checking my email too many times during the day and also getting into BB conversations (usually frivolous) with friends. I should definitely learn how to manage it properly!

#2 My iPod Touch

I bought an iPod Touch over Christmas since my Nano broke. The problem I found with the iPod Touch is that you are tempted to play with it. You spend ridiculous amounts of time searching for useless applications that will make you smile once or twice and then, just take up space on your iPod. Gotta use it for its real purpose; playing music!

#3 Stupid Magazines

I don’t read magazines often but when there is one lying on the kitchen counter, I can’t help taking a look… 15 minutes later I realize that I still didn’t make breakfast and I have not had my coffee yet!

#4 Dexter

Dexter is a TV show produced by ShowTime. I don’t watch much TV but when I am hooked on a series, I watch them all in a row. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a time killer for sure!

#5 Waiting in line for metro tickets

Once in a while, I have to buy metro tickets. I always buy them in bulk to save time and money. However, it feels like every time you need tickets, there is always this lost tourist in front of you asking the clerk for directions… this is when it’s not the guy who lost his wallet or has the wrong tickets!

#6 Loading my computer at work

My computer at work has a lot of security software installed. On top of that, they are doing several updates overnight on the network I’m working on. Therefore, after a weekend, it could take up to 15 minutes to start my computer. Once I am done with my voicemail, there is not much I can’t do without a computer!

#7 My colleagues at work

Monday and Friday mornings are the worst. It seems that they all need to babble for a good 30-45 minutes before starting work. They come around with their coffee, sit down without an invitation and talk…and talk… and talk. I like them,  but I also have to work from time to time ;-).

#8 Hockey

I’m a big hockey fan. I watch it, participate in a hockey pool and follow hockey news throughout the day. While this is great entertainment, I guess I could spend my time on more important things ;-).

#9 Follow-ups

I work in an industry where a lot of things require tons of paperwork. And where there is admin work, there are follow-ups. I’m done with asking people where my forms are on their priority lists. But if you don’t bug them, you don’t get anything done… sad!

#10 Newspapers

Honestly, most newspapers are a big waste of time. You don’t really get news, you just get to know how many people got killed here and there or arrested for this and that. What’s the point? I guess you probably don’t even remember what was on the first page of your favorite newspaper 5 days ago!

#11 Cleaning my emails

Spam, funny email, follow-ups ;-): delete, delete, delete! I get about 100 emails a day. 50 of them need to be read and answered; the rest could be deleted without much attention…

#12 Meetings

I don’t like meetings at work. They are usually monopolize your time for several hours a week. You don’t get much out of it besides the fact that busy people are busy in meetings if you know what I mean ;-).

Any others?

I’m sure this list is not complete. Do you have any other time eaters that are stealing precious time from you?

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5 Feedbacks on "12 Meaningless Time Eaters in Your Day"

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

I would say that the biggest time eater in my day is email as well. However, it is absolutely crucial for building and effectively responding to blog affairs.

Another big time waster for me is Facebook. haha


That is a lot of email. Killing forwards right away helps me. They used to hurt pretty bad. Read one, and then another and then follow a link, etc.

Live it LOUD!

Harry - SM0VPO

Open plan offices invite people to interupt you. Some days I can get nothing done – too busy helping others to do their work.

In the laboratory I can guarantee there are 12 people a day waiting to see me, armed with a load of technical questions.

Getting in to the lab (to work) can sometimes be an obstacle course for an engineer with answers. Some people need the answers to enable their work – so am I a time eater by avoiding the people with questions?


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