Ask The Readers: Ask Us Your Excel Function And Macro Questions!

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Dear Readers,

We have been fortunate to get many different emails about your excel questions and issues and would love to get even more feedback from you.

What type of information are you looking to get?

Which functions do you have trouble using?

Do you also use macros and if so, do you need any assistance doing so?

What would you like to do through excel but have trouble doing?

Are there tasks that you perform very often that should/could be automated but that you do not know how to do?

Please either write a comment or email at thefinancialblogger (at) gmail (dot) com.

You can also give us the questions here!


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2 Feedbacks on "Ask The Readers: Ask Us Your Excel Function And Macro Questions!"


how can i import EV/EBITDA into excel spreadsheet and to make it in a way that it will updated automatically.
let’s say from a website like


Hi Henry, will email you about this:)