Are You Competitive?


I might be a bit odd, but I love to compete. I don’t play for second place. I want to win. I want to win all of the time. I hate being apart of a weak team. I just enjoy the feeling the comes from winning and knowing that you succeeded.

I was playing beach volleyball the other day in the sunny Puerto Plata. The game was fun, but there were just too many weak links on my team. I would get frustrated when they wouldn’t take the game seriously or they would mess up a play. I hate losing. And yes I do realize that it’s just a game. The thing is that when someone says, “it’s just a game,” it’s usually an excuse for not being good. It’s usually an excuses for losing and trying to not feel bad about the loss.

I enjoy competition. I find that competition is what pushes you to go harder and push through the tough times. When you don’t have a competition or anyone going against you, then you just don’t try as hard. When you know that failure is an option, it keeps you accountable and on track with your goals.

I read blog income reports because I get jealous. When I see how much money bloggers are making online it makes me jealous. I want to compete. I want to make as much money as them. I don’t want to make less money. I don’t want to be in second place. I look at the success of others as motivation to see what I can accomplish.

Without having any goals to chase after or someone to compete with, I just don’t go all out. Being competitive is the drive that gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s what keeps me up late at night. It’s what has me drinking that extra cup of coffee.

I just find that there’s not enough competitive people around these days. Everyone wants to be nice and take it easy. I don’t believe in taking it easy. I want to go all out all of the time.

Why leave the gym without doing that last set?

Why go to sleep before finishing that blog post?

Why not try something new?

I just want to know, are you competitive? What are some examples of how competition has forced you to work harder?


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