Does Slow and Steady Win The Race?

Personal finance

When experimenting with personal finance and making money, it can be very frustrating to fail. Nobody wants to fail. Nobody wants to wait around forever. This is likely why get rich quick schemes are really popular these days (and ever since the beginning of the Internet). We all want to find a quick solution that will solve all our problems. The worse off that your situation is, the more likely that you are to want to find a way out. This is why these schemes target those that are looking to make money quick.

Do you really think that if there was a way to make money fast that someone would share it with you for $45? Would you share all of your secrets with complete strangers? Would you let everyone in on your secrets to riches? I highly doubt it. You might share your tips with your good friends, but you wouldn’t be quick to advertise on street corners and online.

Simply, there are many ways to get rich quick out there. A few ways that you can get rich quick include:

  • Marry a rich person.
  • Win the lottery.
  • Make a celebrity sex tape.
  • Sue a big company.
  • Start off a small company and wait for them to go public.
  • Hit it big at the casino.

Who would want to work if you can just get rich quick through one of these ideas? Well, the answer is 99,9% of us. How many of your friends have gotten rich quick? Do you know anyone that’s made money without working for it? I certainly don’t.

Does slow and steady win the race? I truly believe that it does.

When I finished with community college, I was out of school for 8 months while I waited for my credits to transfer to my new university. I took this time to find ways to get rich quick, as any 20-something would do. I searched for months on how I could make money quickly. I just couldn’t find any answers. It made no sense to me.

Why couldn’t I find a legit way to get rich quick? Because no such thing exists. I eventual found the personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly. This was around 2008 and the blog was gaining tons of steam. I became interested in the posts and the idea of saving up money over time. I eventually adopted some of the core tenets from this blog. I realized that it made sense to save money slowly instead of trying to get rich quick in one shot.

I do hope that you set big and audacious goals. I also hope that you realize that slow and steady wins the race. You’re not going to start the next Facebook over night. The good news is that you can save up and build a nice savings account. You can plan to have what you want in life. You don’t have to fall behind and get sucked into scams that serve no purpose other than taking your money from you.


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