Have You Thrown a Surprise Party?

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“I never want to do the same things twice. I like surprises.” — Audrey Tautou

For some reason it feels like surprise parties are on the rise this year. I threw one surprise party and attended another one.

The first surprise party was for my parent’s and their 25th wedding anniversary. I contacted relatives far in advance, ordered food, and set the date up with everyone. Then there was a little snafu. My parents are old and never have plans. Turns out that they decided to buy tickets to concert on the day of the surprise party. I debated cancelling it. Instead I found out that one of their friends wanted tickets. Sweet! Around 5pm family and friends came inside and started singing. My parents were completely caught off guard. They ended up having a blast.

The next surprise party was for my buddies 25th birthday. This one was tough to keep a secret because he kept on asking me what was going on. His girlfriend ended up bringing him to a restaurant where 25 of us were sitting and waiting for him to enter. It ended up being a night to remember (if anyone can remember anything).

What are the benefits of throwing a surprise party?

  • You make someone’s day.
  • Friends come together to work on a common goal.
  • You get to bring everyone together.
  • You show appreciation.

Those are the main benefits of throwing a surprise party, in case you even needed any.

What are some good occasions to throw a surprise party for?

  1. Birthday.
  2. Graduation.
  3. Job promotion.
  4. New job.

If none of these occasions are coming up then you can throw a surprise party for the sake of having one. Why not? Life is short.

How do you actually throw a surprise party?

Contact everyone you want involved.

The first step is to try to figure out who’s in, who can make it, and what day would work best. This is why you contact everyone that might be involved to see where they stand. For me this took forever because not all of my relatives are on Facebook.

Figure out the details based on the person’s interests.

The surprise is all about that person or couple. This is why you should base it around their interests. For my buddies surprise party, his girlfriend got him a custom made jersey. For my parents, I had catering come in from a restaurant that they eat at often. The details were based on their interests.

Reach everyone privately.

This step involves reaching everyone without the person finding out. This can be a bit tricky depending on how close you are. This is why you can create a private Facebook group to keep track of everything going out.

Figure out the logistics.

The actual surprise is the toughest part to plan. How do you surprise them? How do you essentially trick them? This all depends on the venue. For my parents I knew that I had to have everyone come inside when they were upstairs getting changed. For my friend’s party, we all got to the restaurant before him. You need to figure out the logistics for the surprise to work.

Have fun.

Once the party begins it’s time to have fun and enjoy the surprise!

That’s how you can have one hell of a surprise party. Are you ready to make someone’s day?


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