Saving a Business Instead of Starting One

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As much as I support the idea of starting a business, I truly believe that you can save a business as well. You don’t have to always be behind every business. You can be apart of the team or be the person that helps improve another business.

This interview on Forbes with The Rock really opened my eyes. This is what really caught my attention:

In April The Rock fought John Cena in a Wrestlemania battle, the most-watched in the history of the 27-year event, which raked in $67 million, thanks to 1.3 million pay-per-view downloads in 105 countries.

The Rock has made a living from saving franchises and businesses (movies and WWE). He’s known for hoping on movie franchises and re-inventing them. The Rock has seen plenty of success from joining onto an existing franchise.

How can you save a business? What can you do to jump on board?

  • Perform consulting services.
  • Work as an employee.
  • Change the vision.
  • Do a joint venture.
  • Create a partnership.
  • Do freelance work.
  • Jump on board and take over.
  • Buy the business.

That’s how you can do something different and save a business from dying or allowing its returns to diminish.

Why’s it better to save a business?

  1. You can move on easily.
  2. You become more valuable.
  3. You get paid exceptionally well for being a highly valuable resource.

What are you going to do?

Will you try to start a business or will your plan be to save one? I can’t answer this for you. I’ve personally done a bit of both. I’ve started my own business and made money on my own. I’ve also been responsible for helping others save their business. When someone is willing to listen and actually pay you for you time, you can help them do something cool. You both benefit from this.

Will you save a business from dying? 


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