10 Ways to Save Money Right Now

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Are you ready to save some of the money that you’re making? We all know that making money is challenging. What’s even more difficult is learning how to save a piece of this income. This is why you come here.

Last week we looked at how to make more money. You figured out how to increase your income and have more money coming into your pocket. Now it’s time to save a bit more of this money that you have coming in.

Let’s look at 10 ways you can save money right now:

1. Cut a subscription.

Once every little while I check out my monthly bills to see what I can cut. I usually find at least one subscription that I can live without. I then cut the subscription and check to see if I notice any difference in the quality of my life.

2. Reduce a subsctiption.

If you don’t want to cut something, you can simply reduce it. I do this with my subscriptions all of the time. I will look at them and see what I can cut. Last month I shaved a few bucks off my cell phone bill by reducing something that I really didn’t need.

3. Hit up the grocery store.

Instead of going after fast good you can hit up the grocery store to see what they have to offer. At the grocery store you can save some serious coin in the long run on food.

4. Drink water.

Screw the expensive fluids and soft drinks. Stick to water and stay hydrated. You might also save some money in the process.

5. Plan ahead.

The reason that we spend money is because we don’t plan in advance. This happens to me all of the time. I go on instinct and spend more money than anticipated. The alternative is to plan ahead and think of ways to save money,

6. Delay a purchase.

If you feel the urge to grab something right now you can save money by simply delaying this purchase. Do you have to buy that flat screen right now? Can you wait? If you delay a purchase you can find yourself with more savings than expected.

7. Ask for a discount.

If you don’t ask the answer is always no. I made it a habit to always ask for a discount. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Ask for a discount and see what happens. If you get turned down, no big deal. If you get accepted, you win. Give it a try.

8. Ask your friends for help.

Your friends can always give you a hand because combined you guys have more resources than just one person alone. If you ask your friends you can get plenty of savings done.

9. Ride a bike.

Instead of driving or paying for public transportation you can squeeze some exercise in by riding your bike to school or work. You’ll save a ton of money and work on your fitness. Why not?

10. Keep it simple.

Once again, you don’t have to do anything complicated. You can keep it simple and cut back on your expenses when you can.

That’s how you can save some money right now my friend. How much more money will you have in your pocket?


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