How to Budget For a Vacation

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Have you been dying to go on a trip for the longest time? Do you finally want to save up for a big vacation?

Whenever I talk about a past trip or one that’s coming up I get asked the usual question from curious friends.

How do you afford to travel so often?

My answer is simple.

It’s all about prioritizing. If you want to travel you need to set your priorities straight so that you can manage to pull off a trip. You need to cut back on the crap that’s not allowing you to travel.

Below is the formula that I follow when it comes to planning one of the many trips that I attend per year:

Pick a rough time frame.

The first step is to decide when you think you’ll be able to go on this trip. If you’re broke it could be a year. If you’re doing okay, it could be a few months.

The good news is that if you have a year for the trip, it’s going to be easy to save. You just need to put aside $20 a week and you’ll have over one thousand dollars in your bank account after a year. That’s good enough for most travel destinations.

Ask around to see who’s interested.

The next step is to see who’s going to attend this trip with you. Do you have a girlfriend itching to go away? Perhaps your best friend wants to ditch the winter? I recommend that you ask your close friends to see who can pull this trip off with you.

Pick a destination.

Where do you want to go? How much money are you willing to spend? How much money can you realistically put aside for this trip?

After looking around, you’ll easily find an answer to this.

Start saving.

When I have a trip coming up I try to either save more money or make more money (or a combination of both). If you want to make more money you can start freelancing now. You can also increase the hours at your current job to have more money coming in. You can sell your crap. There are dozens of ways that anyone can increase their income right now.

As for the saving money equation: just cut out the crap that’s holding you back.

Create a sub-account.

The final step involves setting up a specific savings account where you’ll hold (or hide) the money for this trip.

To keep my focused on my goal I create a sub-account with ING Direction. I label this account after the trip destination. For example, “CANCUN 2013 BABY!” is a suitable title.

That’s how you can plan for and budget for a trip.

Where are you going to go next? Make sure to take some pictures for us.


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